Team Rocket and the future of the team


Here is exactly what is going to happen with Team Rocket.

It has been harsh times for the semi-professionals in Rocket League. Great teames disbanded, players leaving squads and new ones created. Team Rocket is kinda doing the same. But kinda isn’t. We will explain:

Team Rocket were one of the first teams to rise in Rocket League from the beginning. Viewers were glued to the screen everytime they streamed their games on Twitch.

Doomsee and Cole will remain on the team, but will be playing far less seriously. Team Rocket will now not be actively looking to improve their game with training sessions and scrims, but will instead enter tournaments for fun and stream a bunch of ranked/fun private matches instead.

IamTree, Noir and coach Ryuu will be leaving the squad but Fyshokid will make a return once he’s back from South Korea and will be TR’s third player. They will however be playing in the ESL and Gfinity Rocket League tournaments so you will not have to miss them. They love Rocket League and the tournaments. They just don’t care about the results anymore.