Update 1.08 (Mutators) is rolling out right now!

The 1.08 Update (MUTATORS) is starting to roll out! Full patch notes are here:  — Rocket League

These are the headlines of the update:

  • “Mutator Mashup” has been added to Unranked Playlist menu
  • Custom Mutator settings are available in Exhibition and Private Match
  • Titles can now be swapped or disabled in the Garage
  • Improved turn radius on Venom, Paladin, Merc, Scarab, and Backfire
  • Spectator input is now required when skipping replays in Private Match
  • Weather Effects can now be toggled on/off
  • Added 13 new Video Game Antennas including: Fallout, Oddworld, Driveclub(PS4), and Unreal Tournament
  • Added 7 new Community Flags

For more info about the patch notes. Visit the Psyonix Patch website