Report system coming to Rocket League!

Happy Friday! The latest is out! Covered topics: Report System & Mutators Preview.  — Rocket League

So this week has been kind of an all Rocket League fan week. Not only did we see a new announcement regarding the November update. But we also got a Dev Stream too where the upcoming content was showcased and announcements were dropped like…like pieces of bread!

And as an icing on the cake Rocket League announced a handy feature that the community was asking for, for sometime: The Report Function. Here’s in short what that function will mean and how you can access it:

Report System Functionality: We want your Rocket League playing experience to be fun at all times, but if you find someone messing it up by griefing, intimidating, or harassing you with malicious or offensive behavior, we want to help make that better. If you weren’t already aware, players already have a few options at their disposal:

  • Players can disable communication (text and audio) with a specific player by selecting their names in the “Muting” menu. Players can disable text and audio chat from the entire opposing team (or completely) by pausing the game and moving into the Audio menu.
  • If you’re a PS4 player, you have the added option of using PlayStation’s “Block and Grief Reporting” system as part of a system feature, located in the “Friends” menu, under the “Player’s Met” tab. — Psyonix on the Rocket League subreddit

Source: Reddit