Big Changes on the Horizon for Rocket League!

Yes, ! – Announcement Oct. 28 on Blog – LIVE Dev Stream Oct. 29 (2pm PT) on  — Rocket League

Teases on the official Twitter page for Rocket League, the hype is slowly building up now. What could this big ‘change’ be? We’re all guessing here because only the devs know what they will be announcing on October 28 but we think we can make a pretty good guess. And here’s why!

Until now we have seen pretty much the standard maps we have been playing since the beginning. A pretty much oval setting with no height differences (or as we like to call them non standardized maps). And we think that is about to change.

In an interview Dave Hagewood had with PCGamer he answered on the question if we will ever see non standardized maps:

Speaking of some of the things you might want to bring back, are we ever going to see different and weird level layouts in Rocket League?

Hagewood: Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely. We wanted to start with the standard fields this time because we wanted to make sure everyone understood what the base game was, how we see the standard Rocket League experience being. We also wanted to promote competitive play in the game, and people who want extremely balanced competitive play and ranked modes and things like that, without adding a lot of extra noise. But we know the majority of players aren’t super competitive, they just want to have a good time—and we have a great time with the crazy different maps and so on. So we already have some of those in production to roll out later on. —

We can only assume that this will be it. Other possibilities could be the big step to eSport or even a bigger DLC. But that’s not the big change for Rocket League we expect. Stay tuned! Going to be a busy week!