Today marks the release of the Back to the Future Car Pack!

A special day for any Back To the Future fan who also loves to play Rocket League. The best of both worlds collide today for a special treat: The Delorean Battle Car! Announced a few weeks back and today downloadable.

Since the DeLorean was not only a favorite of many Rocket League players but also the dev team of Rocket League liked the car very much. And now with 88mp/h you can have your own Marty McFly moment in Rocket League.

The Back To The Future Car Pack will go on sale in the PS Store and on Steam for $1,99 or your regional equivalent. Rocket League stated that the Car Pack will be out around 12AM PT for Steam. PS4 users will have the DLC during regional PS Store updates

REMINDER: The DeLorean Time Machine will be out on Steam Oct. 21 at 12am PT and on PS4 during regional store updates — Rocket League

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