[OFFICAL] Rocket League responds on DeLorean ‘leaks’ on Reddit

As a response on the moderator announcement in /r/RocketLeague

Hey all, we’ve had a few messages sent to us about why certain threads have been removed from this forum (regarding people playing with items not yet released or officially available at all) and that’s because anyone using those items are using pirated versions of our game.

Under “Rule VI” on the sidebar over there, piracy talk isn’t allowed per our rules, (and we’re definitely not cool with all the links we’ve seen point to the sites that offer it, therefore, we’re trying to keep those from popping up).

Just wanted to make an official statement on this, since it’s been coming up and so there’s no confusion as to why these things are disappearing when they do.

Cheers. (source: Official Staff statement on Reddit)

(Also, removed a moderator post about similar content to this, so there is a clear line that this is an official statement)