Regarding players using the DeLorean before release (Oct. 21)

The past hours numerous topics on Reddit have emerged with players either posting pictures of the DeLorean already in the game, or gameplay from the new DeLorean showing off the new details of the new Battle Car that is coming to Rocket League.

Tonight the moderators from the Rocket League subreddit made a statement on Reddit about where the teams stands on people that are spreading either images or gameplay of the DLC that is to come, and how they will act on it in the coming days:

Users have made posts about seeing players using the DeLorean before the release of the DLC and they’ve been removed by Psyonix, but since there hasn’t been a statement from them I’m just making one myself, hopefully this won’t be a problem.

These players are using pirated versions of the game which unlocks all current DLC that was patched into the game yesterday. Players will (presumably) be banned from playing online. Because of this, further posts about it will be removed because it’s becoming borderline spam at this point.

I hope this post serves to address the issue rather than censoring information without any response from the moderators. Sorry for not having done this earlier, I had just only gone home and read the moderator mail about this. Remember that anyone can pirate the game at their own will, but if you truly enjoy the game and its DLC, purchase it and support Psyonix for their continual patches and updates for Rocket League.

If you have any issues, contact Psyonix through here: