Over 750.000 players play Rocket League a day!

The numbers are staggering, you could say. According to VP of Marketing and Communications Jeremy Dunham from Psyonix on a slow day between 750.000 and 800.000 people will play Rocket League.

For a game that could be downloaded first by PS+ players the numbers are really awesome. And yes, they might eventually be less. But overall these numbers are great for Rocket League and the team.

“One thing we found interesting overtime is that the gap between PlayStation and PC users is getting closer. PS users are still by far the majority, because the PS audience was able to get it for free that month. But overtime the PC users are definitely closing that gap, and that’s really encouraging.” — Devlop-Online.net

Psyonix is trying to keep the game fresh with new items and collectables ingame for you to enjoy. And of course by regulary adding new vehicles and maps in the game.

PS: Be sure to check Rocket League on the 13th of October for the new DLC called: Revenge of the Battle Cars 

Source: Develop-Online.net