Nosgoth Flags coming to Rocket League in October!

We didn’t saw it coming, but Psyonix is adding new game themed flags to the game. No, Driveclub isn’t in this time. This time it’s Nosgoth, one of their own:

As some of you may know, Nosgoth isn’t the only game the team here at Psyonix has been developing over the past few years. Our football-meets-driving hit, Rocket League, has also been tearing up the charts since we released it earlier this summer.

While both of our games are thematically different, the one thing they share in common (besides “us”) is that they have strong, passionate communities. It’s with that in mind that we wanted to find a way to bring our two games together — which is why we’ll be adding special Nosgoth-themed Flags to Rocket League this October.

Available in patch v1.06, the Nosgoth-themed Flags will include three different designs:

  • “Nosgoth” (The Pillars of Nosgoth Insignia)
  • “Nosgoth – Human” (Human Insignia)
  • “Nosgoth – Vampire” (Vampire Insignia)

You’ll be able to access each flag as they are unlocked (as post-match rewards for completing games) in the Garage section of the game under “Antennas/ Video Games.”

Thanks to: Rocket League Twitter