Rocket League: Sound glitch on PS4? Consider it patched! (v1.05)

In our recent round-up  on things to come in Rocket League we used some tweets from the official Rocket League twitter where they shared the first info on the upcoming patch 1.05. Of course, the full patch notes will be released right after the release of the patch. But surprisingly Rocket League has been very open on things that they are working on.

One of the issues that players had was with a sound glitch on the PS4 that would keep you stuck in a loading screen after a match. Tweeted by Brenden. Well, it looks like Rocket League was aware of that glitch and has it patched in the v1.05:

Fixed in 1.05. Coming next week (likely near the end of it by the looks of things) — Rocket League

Always good to hear and read when a dev-team is picking up problems and glitches and have them patched in the next update. Props!

PS: Rocket League also gave us a more specific window on when the update will drop. Looks like at the end of the week!