Patch V1.05 will involve Medieval Warfare cross-over!

You might have read the news already. But for some of you who didn’t read the news a couple of days back about a Medieval Warfare cross-over. Here it is again

Our next update is just around the corner (i.e. in the next two weeks or so), and we wanted to share some of the coolest FREE content items you can expect to see in it.

Thanks to our friends at Torn Banner Studios[], you’ll soon have access to both the Agatha Knights and Mason Order flags from Chivalry: Medieval Warfare as Antennas in the Garage! They both look pretty great too, check ’em out:

As an added bonus, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare will also feature in-game Rocket League Emblems of its very own (the Ball and a modified version of our logo).

Thanks to Rocket League and Steam